fynance Token Sale

Pre Sale


Pre Sale Hard Cap
2.000.000 FYG / 1562 ETH

Round 1

is running!

Bonus: 18%

Round 2


Bonus: 10%

Round 3


Bonus: 5%

Round 4





Bonus Payouts:

January 2018: 322.50 $ - February 2018: 311.19 $

(Bonus approximately 1%)

Our market

fynance is a digital insurance broker..

We are buying up German brokers portfolios on a larger scale.

The insurance industry in Germany is above average stable. There are over 431 million insurance contracts.

Insurance portfolios in Germany

in billions (euros).

Our Live-Product

We have developed an app that allows every customer to manage all his insurance contracts in one place. View all policies with one click, report a damage with one touch, get optimized offers on request.

The Future

The future brings a new standard: insurance contracts as blockchain smart contracts.:

We will implement this standard on our app.

"As a result of this development, inventory management is almost fully automated and highly profitable. The current development costs of the app will be financed from the proceeds of the token sale."
  • June 2016

    Foundation fynance

  • May 2017

    Launch fynance App

  • January 2018

    fynance Token Sale

  • until Q4 2018

    Acquisition of insurance portfolios woth 142.000 Ether

  • Launch b3i

    Switch to the Blockchain

  • until Q1 2019

    Automated comparable offers based of comparism algorithms

  • Expansion of brokerage portfolio by 12 % per year through organic growth

The Team


Alfons Schwarte

CEO fynance Malta


Marc Sperber

CEO fynance Germany


Michael Haase

System Architect

Foto groß

Gerrit Sasse

Text & PR


Robert Forster

Smart Contract Developer

Steffi fynanceHintergrunf grau

Steffi Schwarz

Head of Communication


Cagatay Aksoy

Design & Webdevelopment


Kamuran Bildircin

Customer Management / Backoffice


Guido Klingebeil

Business Development


Steven Ireland

Finance Services Programmer


Marvin Kling

Marketing & Sales

fynance Q&A

How does the success of fynance relate to the token?

We see Token Holder as a partner. About our exactly defined Smart Contract, each token holder receives a pro rata 30% bonus of fynance' proceeds. This bonus will be in your ether monthly Wallet transferred.

How many tokens will be created?

There will be only as many tokens created as ethers were received. Additionally, there will be 10% for team compensation and 5% for startup investors generated. The absolute maximum amount of fynance tokens is 192.050.000.

How many tokens will I get for $ 1,000?

The fynance token will be calculated based on Ethereum. 1 ether equals 1,000+ bonus fynance tokens. Thus it is crucial, how the daily Ethereum price is against the US-dollar. Example: ETH / USD = 400, you will get for 1,000 USD 2.5 ethers, which means 2,500 fynance tokens + bonus tokens.

Where can I trade the token after the token sale?

The listing of the fynance token will be requested in Q1 / 2 2018 at various Cryptoexchanges. We will inform you regularly on our website and the social channels.

With which currencies can I buy the fynance token?

The fynance token can be exchanged solely against Ether from Ethereum. Where can I find the address where I can send my ethers? "The token-sale-adress will be exclusively publshed by us on fynance.io. Addresses from chat rooms or other channels are NEVER from us and carry the risk that scammers scatter their own addresses. Please use always exclusively the address published on the original fynance.io website.

Why by no means send Ether from an exchange?

Send the Ether only from your wallet. Only if you are in possession of the private key, we can return fynance token. If you send from an exchange, we will see the send address of the exchange. The FYG tokens cannot be allocated to you.

Why are there bonus rounds?

Bonus payments start after the purchase of the insurance portfolios. So who swaps fynance tokens for ethers early, grants us a leap of faith. This faith we would like to reward and give appropriate bonus payouts. Exact information about it you will find in the Token Sale Offer.

Why do we separate the public token sale from the sale for institutional investors?

Very often attractive bonus rounds are used by institutional traders to buy as cheap as possible. For private token buyers, this process is a disadvantage since bonified contingents are simply absorbed by the Big Boys. Under the aspect of opportunity fairness we decided, to set for large investors its own contingent. In the pre-sale, the upper limit is 125 ethers per transaction. This also creates a balanced ownership ratio and supports the price stability of the fynance tokens. It also ensures that not only a few big buyers dominate the fynance token.

What are the goals of fynance?

In the future, insurance contracts will become smart contracts secured by the Blockchain. Our goal is to establish the first application that provides the policyholder with direct access to the Smart Contracts.

How will future development costs be financed?

85% of the proceeds from the token sale will be used for the purchase of other insurance brokers' portfolios. These purchased stocks generate immediate revenue. The current development costs. will be financed from these revenues.

Is there a working live product?

Our live product, the fynance app, is currently used by 1,500 users. Within the app, the user has the full overview of all his insurance contracts as well as a direct support interface.

What growth potential is realistic?

If we buy a customer base, we offer all new customers the free use of our app. The added value of the app, to have an overview of all insurance contracts on the smartphone, leads to the storage of more insurance contracts on the app and thus transfer to us. Additionally new customers will be actively consulted and an analysis to optimize the insurance contracts will be executed. We estimate the growth of insurance contracts under management based on these measures by 1% per month. Each token holder participates directly via our bonus system on the growth of fynance.